For your convenience we have listed a few of the most frequently asked questions and some information regarding what you will need in order to make an enquiry or booking.

Please specify the following information:
– What would you like tattooed
– Where and what side you would like to be tattooed
– What size you would like (height & width)
– Colour or Black and Grey
– Attach any reference images you have, photos, tattoos, anything that relates to what you want.
We require a deposit (amount specified depending on piece) with all artists. This is taken at the time of booking and is used to secure your appointment.

* Please note deposits are no refundable.

$170 /hr for custom pieces, otherwise if you contact us + give us a brief description of your tattoo we can try to give you a quote.

Please remember prices can vary as there are a few factors that change, such as drawing time, skin, colour/black and grey and placement.

We are predominantly cash, however we do do bank transfers for deposits if needed.
Opening times are from 10am to 5pm Wed-Sun
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