Little one for Lali and her grandma ✨ #happybirthday  • AVAILABLE TO TATTOO • I have a few spots left before I’m taking some time off for my wedding in 4weeks! 🤗 Bookings/ Inquiries-  Thanks miss Sarah you bloody rock!  Would love to do some more ornamental stuff! ✌️ WWW.IRONMINDTATTOO.COM  I would love to do some more lady heads! ☺️ If you have any cool ideas I’d love to hear them! Please inbox me or email me ✌️  Banksia seed for Holly!  WWW.IRONMINDTATTOO.COM
 On Friday 28th September I married my best mate! Everything we had dreamt of turned out perfect, weather and all! ✨ I think everyone had an input and personal touch in our day and we are so grateful for everyone’s help to make it a one kick ass day! THANKYOU! ❤️ After 14yrs and I can’t wait to do more adventures together! Love you Cory Michael! Bloody tops day!   Gypsy Earth Loving Ladyhead for the awesome Trish! Thanks for a fun one! 🤗 • I have just had a CANCELLATION for this Saturday 1st at 10am if anyone is wanting something please email me- 🤗  I still haven’t taken the smile off my face!!  Even though I’ve had the worst hangover, it was all so worth it! I am completely blown away with how much thought and love went into this whole weekend, all for ME!  I loved every minute of it! Especially all my lap dances!! 🤣🤣 Thankyou to you all for all your different ways of bringing it altogether and a special Thankyou to my Samantha for the awesome flower crowns, they were so fun!  A massive Thankyou to my lefty Jaz for taking the reigns on absolutely everything and making sure I had the best time! I’m so so grateful for you all and this will be one for the memory bank I’ll never forget! All you girls rock! I love you all! ♥️♥️♥️🤘  Cleopatra Ladyhead on Josh today 🤗 Had heaps of fun with this! Looking forward to the other leg soon dude!  WWW.IRONMINDTATTOO.COM
 I’ve just had a Reschedule for TOMORROW 10am if anyone would like to fill the spot! 🤗 Please email-  Peony flower for a crazy woman! @miss_laceyx  Thankyou for everything poo luv ya!   Bookings/ Inquiries-  All AVAILABLE and ready for a new home! 🤗 . I have some time available also for some consultations over the next week if you would like to chat about some ideas your wanting to put together please email me-  Another finished project by the boys @gc_restoration
 Fun little rose  Bookings-  5weeks until we get hitched! @gc_restoration  Yeww!  Such a fun one on Chanelle today  Thanks hun for traveling!  I have an appointment available tomorrow if anyone wants something cool please email-  Itty bitty ram skull for Bree  WWW.IRONMINDTATTOO.COM
 Available. Email for bookings #traditionaltattoo #rose #tattoo #painting  Do y’all like Satan with extra eyes? Email for bookings. #satan #tattoo #foureyes  Cheers Amy. #traditionaltattoo #coffin #tattoo  Available to tattoo. Bookings at #devil #tattoo #crabeyes  Due to a reschedule I’ve got a bit of time tomorrow (Sat 22nd) if you got ideas, I’ll put em on ya. Email for bookings 🤙
 Bit red, but hey 🤷‍♀️ email for bookings #thesimpsons #tattoo #moe #moesyzlak #thesimpsonstattoo  Y’all like Satan? Email for bookings. #bald #satan #tattoo  Fresh and a bit over a year healed. Thanks heaps Bri. I’m down for most styles, just shoot us an email with your ideas, placement, size and any applicable reference pics. #neotraditional #tattoo #hanniballecter #fphthphththths #patrickbateman #americanpsycho #silenceofthelambs  Couple lines for Isaac, thanks for sitting like a bloody corpse mate! Bookings at #reaper #crow #horse #tattoo #wip  Cheers Britt! Drawn on. Swipe for video and sharpie mess. Let’s do more drawn on stuff 🤷‍♀️ email for bookings. #traditionaltattoo #rose #skeleton #hand #tattoo
 Crikey, would you have a go at that!? Available to tattoo. Email for bookings. #steveirwin #traditionaltattoo #crikey #straya  Prisoner of self love 🤷‍♀️ available to tattoo  tag a mate with an exceptionally muscular right arm, or not, I don’t care   email for bookings #pornhub #prisoneroflove #traditionaltattoo  Healed for a good damn while on Carpet. Cheers for answering all my questions about retaining walls 🤙 #tattoo  First tattoo for Chloe, cheers mate! Nothin like a rake to the face 🤙 bookings at #guhuhhhhhuhuh #thesimpsons #sideshowbob #archnemesis #tattoo  Healed on Aidan. Cheers bruv. Bookings at #traditionaltattoo #scorpion #tattoo
 Drawn on scorpo for old Tommo Townend in the spiciest of inside knee gaps. Wraps a bit. Swipe for brown sharpie scribble. Cheers @thomastownend  email for bookings, I’ll probably just draw it on #scorpion #tattoo #traditionaltattoo  Available, hand size, Thursday at 10, black or colour. Email to book #flippyface #tattoo  Started this on Tom the other week. Thanks champ 🤟 Got fuck all in the way of photos, but you know, whatever 🤷‍♀️ if you wanna chat big tats shoot us an email at #tattoo #wip  Thanks Tiarne! Two scorps, two webs, all ribs, sat like a rock. And cheers for the beers  bloody lifesaver. Email for bookings, I’ll get back to ya when I’m back at the shop. Or maybe beforehand. We’ll see how we go. #scorpion #tattoo #blackwork #traditionaltattoo  Classic Greg. #lettering #tattoo #scripttattoo