Thanks miss Sarah you bloody rock!  Would love to do some more ornamental stuff! ✌️ WWW.IRONMINDTATTOO.COM  I would love to do some more lady heads! ☺️ If you have any cool ideas I’d love to hear them! Please inbox me or email me ✌️  Banksia seed for Holly!  WWW.IRONMINDTATTOO.COM  ✖️COSMETIC TATTOOING✖️For anyone that isn’t aware I’m doing eyebrows! Having so much fun with tattooing brows! 🤗 If you’ve been thinking about it but need to know more details please email me and happy to send some info or even a consult- swipe for before pic @tahneeclaire_cosmetictattoo  Start to the lovely miss Morgan’s side piece  See you soon hun for some colour! WWW.IRONMINDTATTOO.COM
 I still haven’t taken the smile off my face!!  Even though I’ve had the worst hangover, it was all so worth it! I am completely blown away with how much thought and love went into this whole weekend, all for ME!  I loved every minute of it! Especially all my lap dances!! 🤣🤣 Thankyou to you all for all your different ways of bringing it altogether and a special Thankyou to my Samantha for the awesome flower crowns, they were so fun!  A massive Thankyou to my lefty Jaz for taking the reigns on absolutely everything and making sure I had the best time! I’m so so grateful for you all and this will be one for the memory bank I’ll never forget! All you girls rock! I love you all! ♥️♥️♥️🤘  Cleopatra Ladyhead on Josh today 🤗 Had heaps of fun with this! Looking forward to the other leg soon dude!  WWW.IRONMINDTATTOO.COM  Bit more on Ashley’s Stag front piece from the other day  WWW.IRONMINDTATTOO.COM  Trying to stay cool this week!   Start of Ashley’s front piece. See you soon dude!  WWW.IRONMINDTATTOO.COM #deertattoo #stag #tattoo #chesttattoo #brunswickheads #byronbay #goldcoast #tattooartist #artist
 All AVAILABLE and ready for a new home! 🤗 . I have some time available also for some consultations over the next week if you would like to chat about some ideas your wanting to put together please email me-  Another finished project by the boys @gc_restoration   Cheers Chantelle ✌️ WWW.IRONMINDTATTOO.COM  Thanks Nambi  WWW.IRONMINDTATTOO.COM  Cheers Juri  WWW.IRONMINDTATTOO.COM
 Such a fun one on Chanelle today  Thanks hun for traveling!  I have an appointment available tomorrow if anyone wants something cool please email-  Itty bitty ram skull for Bree  WWW.IRONMINDTATTOO.COM  Thanks Shelby 🤙 WWW.IRONMINDTATTOO.COM  Happy V Day everyone! Here’s a few little bangers that are available and would love to do!  WWW.IRONMINDTATTOO.COM
 Big, small, your idea or mine, got time to tattoo this week. Email for bookings. Cheers Brooke for trusting us with ya numero uno  #realtattoosforrealpeople #rose #tattoo  Healed and hairy on Isaac. Got time late Aug and through Sep. bonus points to anyone that shows up for their appointment 🤙 bookings at and I’ll get back to you in the morning/work hours/potentially whenever depending on circumstances. #panther #knee #tattoo  Chill party echidna up for grabs. Email for all bookings #ultra #chill #party #echidna #tattoo #straya  Healed one on Lucy. Thanks for always getting cool stuff mate 🤙 email for bookings. #daggertattoo #moth #blackandgrey #tattoo  Available to tattoo. Email for bookings 🤙 #turtle #dragon #painting #tattooart
 Cheers Liam 🤙 bookings at #tattoo #bear #traditionaltattoo  Drawn on Mexican party avocado shaking a maraca and hoofing down some refreshments. Based off clients reference. Got a couple hours Friday morning for something fun, email for all bookings and booking related information. Cheers  #avocado #tattoo #tequilaisthedevil  Terrifying. Bookings at #saladfingers #tattoo  Geoflower for Lucy, right out of the book. Thanks heaps buddy! Bit bloody, but you know, that happens. Email for bookings #traditionaltattoo #flower #tattoo #mandalatattoo  All available to be tattooed. Email for bookings and I’ll get back to you tomorrow 🤙 #traditionaltattoo #skull #rose
 Cheers Heloise! I’m off for a few days, bookings to and I’ll get back to ya when I’m in the shop 🤙 #traditionaltattoo #ladyhead #tattoo  Squeezed a compass in a gap for Timmy, cheers mate. Wraps an absolute fucking shit tonne but it’s legit a circle  I do tats not snaps and photos are hard. Anyway, all bookings can be shot ferociously toward my email  #traditionaltattoo #compass #tattoo  Black cat ft dribble 2018. Available #tattoo #panther #spit  Cheers Abby. Titanium. #script #tattoo #lettering #scripttattoo  Healed. Bookings at #blackwork #rose #traditionaltattoo #tattoo
 Moth on a calf, thanks mate  Time available next week. All bookings via email #traditionaltattoo #moth #tattoo  Chips and gravy for Kelly. Thanks so much mate! #chipsandgravy #traditionaltattoo #chips #tattoo  Chipping away at Pecky’s arm. I’ve got time this week, tomorrow (Friday) at 10, or Saturday arvo at 2:30. Email to snag it, your idea or mine #wip #tattoosleeve #shark #titty  Cheers Isaac. #sesamestreet #ernie #rideordie #blackwork #tattoo